2020 Maine Hunger Dialogue Funded Mini-Grants

The goal of the Maine Hunger Dialogue is to inspire university students, faculty, and staff to take meaningful actions that address the root causes of food insecurity and offer systemic solutions to hunger. 

In 2020, we recognize the significant increase in food insecurity within Maine and especially members of our campus communities. This year we are offering ten Hunger Dialogue mini-grants of $500 to campuses to provide existing programs, projects, and initiatives with funds to address immediate needs within the weeks and months following the conference.  The focus will be on efforts that offer an immediate response focused on connecting individuals who are experiencing food insecurity with additional food resources. 


Students, faculty and staff, and colleges or universities who attend the 2020 Maine Hunger Dialogue webinar live or have registered and watched the recording are eligible. A proposal must include both a project leader and a Maine college or university fiscal sponsor. The project lead is the person affiliated with the university who will work to implement the proposed project. The fiscal sponsor is the department within the university that can receive the check and support procurement/ purchases necessary to implement the project. 

Projects should include one of the strategy areas covered in the webinar, including:

  • Charitable Food (i.e. campus pantries, meal shares)
  • Campus Gardens
  • Sustainable Practices (i.e. farm or garden produce gleaning, reducing and or repurposing food waste)
  • Food Preservation 

To Apply

Download and complete the application below with necessary signatures; applications should not exceed three pages. Send via email to frank.wertheim@maine.edu.


Applicants who want to be considered for the third round of funding should apply no later than Tuesday, December 31, 2020, and submit their application via email.

A decision on the second round of applications will be made by January 11 and project applicants will be notified shortly thereafter.

For more information, contact frank.wertheim@maine.edu or 207.324.2814. 

Grant Program Sponsor:
Generously sponsored by Sodexo