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Apple Scab

Scab Biology

Scab Fungicide Respray Dates

Primary Scab

  • For orchards protected by a Protectant fungicide  (Captan, Mancozeb, Topsin, Syllit)
    These estimates also a best guess for SDHI fungicides (Luna, Merivon, Fontelis).
  • For orchards protected by a Strobilurin fungicide  (Flint, Pristine, Sovran, Cabrio).
  • For orchards protected by a Sulfur fungicide

These next two tables are for orchards where low scab index was measured the previous fall.
Night time spore releases are discounted in these estimates as they are negligible in low scab orchards.

Secondary Scab

Fire Blight

Models estimate relative risk.  Absolute risk depends on infection pressure, cultivar, rootstock etc.


Flyspeck control with Pristine: 21 days or 2.5″ rain protection

Flyspeck control with Group A fungicides (Topsin M, Flint, Sovran, Captan + Phosphite, Inspire Super, Indar, Luna Sensation, Merivon, and when PHI allows, EBDC fungicides): 21 days or 2.0″ rain protection

Flyspeck control with Captan alone (same dates apply for Ziram): 14 days or 1.5″ rain protection

Charts showing flyspeck growth potential between the end of protection by final spray date and harvest


Plum Curculio 

Codling Moth

Apple Maggot Fly



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