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Respirator Fit Test – January 8, 2018 in Augusta

Get your Respirator Fit Test Done at the 2018 Maine Agricultural Trades Show

Under the revised Worker Protection Standard, anyone applying pesticides that require the use of a respirator, must complete (and maintain a record of) a respirator fit test. Respirator fit tests must be completed with the same make, model, size, and style of respirator that will be used in the field. Prior to respirator fit testing, each applicator must pass (and maintain a record of) a medical evaluation demonstrating they are physically fit enough to wear a respirator.

Join us at the Augusta Civic Center on Monday, January 8, 2018 (the day before the Maine Agricultural Trades Show) to get your respirator fit test done. Preregistration is required. Registration costs $10.

Prior to your appointment:

At your fit test appointment:

  • Bring your medical evaluation clearance form. You will not be fit-tested without it.
  • Bring the respirator that you use in the field. Each person should have his or her own respirator.
  • If the respirator you bring does not pass the fit test, you may have to purchase a new respirator with a better fit.
  • Beards cannot be worn with tight fitting face masks. Please shave before coming to your fit test.

With questions about respirator fit testing or other Worker Protection Standard regulations, contact Amanda Couture or 207.287.2731 at the Maine Board of Pesticides Control.

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