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APPLE Pest Management - Maine Tree Fruit Newsletter

The Maine Tree Fruit Newsletter is sent free of charge by e-mail. To get on the distribution list, send an email message to  Include some text in the message because a blank message may be filtered as spam.  It is helpful if you indicate whether you are growing tree fruit in Maine, how many and which types of trees, and whether you are growing tree fruit on a commercial scale or as a hobbyist.  This information is optional; it just helps us when writing the newsletter to know more about the audience.

The newsletter is delivered as a PDF file attached to an e-mail message. Free software to view PDF files is available at Adobe Reader. Your e-mail address will not be shared with other organizations or businesses.

2016 issues (all links are to PDF files)

February 26, 2016

2015 issues (most of them, a couple got lost)

February 23, 2015 June 3
April 14 June 11
April 22 June 23
May 1  July 1
May 8 August 10
May 23 August 24
May 24 September 1
May 26 September 8
May 27 September 15
May 28 September 21
September 29
October 8
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