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APPLE Pest Management - Pesticide Information

Apple Spray Cost Per Dose [PDF]

Recently introduced apple insecticides and miticides [220K PDF file]. Will take about a minute to download with a dial-up modem, but worth the wait. This is an excellent detailed review from Washington State University.

Pesticide and growth regulator labels and MSDS.

Fungicide Resistance Groups: List by FRAC (Fungicide Resistance Action Committee) that shows which fungicides and bactericides share mode of action and thus resistance risk.

Apple Pesticide Regulations

Pesticide Information Profiles describe toxicological, environmental and physical properties.

The master list is at EXTOXNET Global Search.
Virginia Tech maintains a subset list of apple pesticide profiles.

Pesticide recordkeeping software.
Link to the following product is not an endorsement by Cooperative Extension, and is not meant to discriminate against competing products.

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