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Fair Information - Monmouth Fair Horse Show

Monmouth Fair 4-H Horse Show
August 1, 2018
Show starts at 1:00 PM
Judge: Molly Thornton-Beaudoin
Open Statewide To All 4-H Members
Registration Deadline: Postmarked by July 24

Please include email (if available) in your registration packet, as “confirmation of receipt of registration” notices will be going out to you via phone call, email or letter. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION NOTICE by July 28, 2018; you are not considered registered for the show and will not be allowed to enter classes.  Pre-registration is required.

Registration packets shall be postmarked no later than July 24, 2018.  Mail to Ceil Robichau, 164 South Monmouth Road, Monmouth, ME 04259.

Class List for Monmouth Fair 4-H Horse Show.

This event is held to promote good sportsmanship and provide a learning experience for all 4-H Members; use of abusive language or abuse to animals could lead to removal from the show. Complete list of Show Rules and Regulations.

Registration packets include the following:

  • Show Registration Form
  • Animal Approval Form for 4-H Animal Shows (Word | PDF) Due June 30 to County 4-H Office
  • Helmet Waiver Form (Word | PDF)
  • Indemnity Agreement for a Minor
  • Current Rabies Certificate
  • Negative Coggins Report
  • Proof of EHV-1 & 25
  • Liability Insurance or proof of MALE membership. More information on obtaining MALE insurance can be found here.

Show sponsored by Monmouth Fair Premiums: $10.00, $8.00, $6.00, $4.00- for Classes 5-30, Danish Ribbons for Class 4 only.

No entry fees.

No Premiums for Showmanship Classes. All competitors must enter showmanship classes.

REQUIRED IMMUNIZATIONS/RECORDS FOR 4-H HORSE SHOWS IN KENNEBEC COUNTY 2018: 4H’ers attending 4-H horse event must provide proof of current annual vaccination for rabies and current Neg. Coggins test; both need to come from a veterinarian. Annual EHV-1 and Equine Influenza are also required; horse owners may administer their owner EHV-1 & Influenza inoculations. Sales receipts will be sufficient evidence for proof of vaccination.

For further questions or to have this registration packet printed and mailed to you, you can contact Ceil via email or call UMaine Extension Kennebec County Office at (207) 622-7546.

2018 Monmouth 4-H Horse Show Packet.FINAL

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