Volunteer Enrollment

If you are a first time Volunteer, please email Maisy Cyr to start your enrollment packet.

Returning volunteers, you will receive your re-enrollment packet via mail or at the fair each year.

VOLT Certification 

We ask that Volunteers complete this process to ensure that the youth we work with are safe and have the most positive experience possible.  It also allows us to make you aware of policies, procedures, and details surrounding liability.

This is REQUIRED for any volunteer who will be working with youth.

If you are unsure whether or not you have completed this process, please contact Becky Mosley or Maisy Cyr.

Club Charter information

EIN Information

Why do I need that?

How do I get that?

Annual I-990N Postcard (due November 15th after you receive EIN)

About Filing

How to File: Step-By-Step