Online Technology Training Opportunity

We have a new training opportunity and resource, Professionally produced, the online video courses total more that 21,000. It’s accessible anytime and anywhere through the internet. A few of our staff are currently using it and are finding it very helpful, easy to access and informative.

With roughly 5 new titles each week, stays exceptionally up to date. Organized into manageable chapters, with videos ranging in length from 5 minutes to 12 hours, the depth of training is tremendous. Currently there are 144 Apple courses, 140 Microsoft courses, and 449 Adobe courses. is available a couple different ways:

Free to sign out for up to 4 hours.

Give the Technology Office a call or email us at least 2 hours before you need it, so we can assign a license to you.

Reserve an exclusive license:

  • 1 month: $30
  • 3 month: $85
  • 6 months: $160
  • 1 year: $300

*This is a great way to utilize your flexible staff development funds.

Here are some recommended titles when you get started:

  • “Mac OS X Lion Essential Training”
  • “Google Docs Essential Training”
  • “Word for Mac 2011 Essential Training”
  • “Adobe Connect Essential Training”
  • Many others without the word “Essential”!

Contact the Technology Office (581-3181) if you have any questions or want to start using!