EPC Minutes: November 23, 2015

Conference Call: Michele L, Michaele B, Glen K, Leah T, Cindy ET, Keri K

Facilitator: Michele L
Note Taker: Cindy ET


Nov 5 Group Meeting Debrief

  • Reviewed the outcomes of Nov 5 for committee members who were unable to attend. ELT will be sending out summaries of each group meeting and group evaluations.

EPC Annual Meeting

  • It’s been several years since the last EPC Annual Meeting. The committee is committed to getting back on track with annual (and regular monthly committee) meetings. Annual Meeting Planning Sub-committee members are Michaele B, Michele L. and Cindy. Michele L will check with Dennis regarding a budget. Leah will check if/when Tanglewood or Blueberry Cove facilities are available for a 1- or 2-day meeting in 2016. Cin will create an online survey, which will include questions about dates and agenda items.After a short brainstorming session, EPC came up with the following possible agenda items, many based on suggestions from the Nov 5 Group Meeting:
    • UMPSA guest speaker
    • HR guest speaker
    • Supervisory training
    • Mentoring program
    • Time for professional sharing
    • Promotion Packets & Sabbaticals
    • Conflict resolution
    • Effective presentation styles (Keri will invite Catherine Schmitt to present)
    • Problem solving/brainstorming creative solutions for soft money problems
    • Creating a toolkit or resource list for professional staff

Next Steps for EPC

  • Review and update by-laws as needed.
  • Meet monthly via conference call for 30 minutes.