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Extension Leadership Team Minutes April 29, 2016

Facilitator: Fran Sulinski Note taker: Lisa Phelps Present: John Rebar, Fran Sulinski, Jon Prichard, Dennis Harrington (until noon), Dick Brzozowski 2015 UMaine Cooperative Extension Annual Report Dennis shared the 2015 UMaine Cooperative Extension annual report which gives a cross-section of the remarkable work done by Extension across Maine, and beyond. This is the report that […]

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Extension Leadership Team Minutes April 4, 2016

Extension Leadership Team Minutes April 4, 2016 Farmhouse, Room 11, University of Maine at Augusta Facilitator: Richard Brzozowski Note taker: Jon Prichard UMaine Admissions and 4-H UMaine Admissions is providing greater visibility to 4-H in recognition of its value.  Students applying to UMaine through the mobile app will from now on be able  to check […]

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Penobscot County Extension Office Kitchen Renovations

Extension Leadership Team Minutes March 23, 2016

Extension Leadership Team Minutes Wednesday, March 23, 2016 102B Libby Hall Present: Fran Sulinski, Jon Prichard, John Rebar, Dennis Harington, Richard Brzozowski and Lisa Phelps. Note taker: Richard Brzozowski Facilitator: Dennis Harrington Guests Shane Moeykens, Director of Research Administration and EPSCoR Jen O’Leary, Director of Strategic Communications Michele Lodgek, Central Database Developer, UMaine Extension And […]

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