Impact Evaluation

When submitting a proposal, the impacts and form of evaluation need to be considered in direct relationship to your program goal and objectives. You need to be able to clearly answer the following questions:

  • What is your educational goal? Your objectives?
  • What impacts do you want to occur?
  • Will the project proposed truly result in the impacts expected? Can you easily demonstrate this?
  • How will you assess or prove the expected impact? What is your method of evaluation?
  • In a well-written proposal, your impacts are included upfront and need to be well thought out.
  • Be sure and address your commitment to the funding agency’s expectations on impacts and evaluations.
  • Can you write and evaluate impact objectives which directly correlate to your proposed project?

Impact objectives statements need to include the following components:

  • % of individuals anticipated and a number;
  • the impact/demonstrated change;
  • result of “what” participation/program, etc.;
  • evaluated by what means (assessment tool);
  • add more information if this impact objective is related to another impact.

Impact Objective Base Example:

80% or more of the 100 participants will demonstrate increased knowledge of __________ (subject/skills) as a result of participation in _________ (describe project/program) as demonstrated by the _________ survey (describe assessment tool), resulting in ________ “impact.”