Important Players in the UMaine Extension Grant-Writing Process

The Principal Investigator (PI) will:

  • be the author of the grant; the first draft will be shared with the PA during the writing process.
  • be responsible for developing and monitoring the budget for the grant. The PI will update the PA periodically and will be consulted should there be major changes proposed for the grant.
  • make the programmatic decisions necessary to fulfill the grant.
  • make the purchasing decisions for the grant.
  • submit the necessary documentation to the funding source concerning any required reporting on the grant.
  • communicate any out-of-state travel plans prior to the submission of an out-of-state travel voucher.

The Program Administrator (PA) will:

  • be consulted by a faculty member when considering the submission of a grant.
  • review the first draft of the grant to ensure that objectives of the funding request are congruent with the mission of UMaine Extension.
  • act as a communications liaison for the faculty member and the ELT concerning the grant.
  • advocate for the grant with the ELT and support the objectives of the grant, its plan of action and method of evaluation.
  • provide clear communications among the ELT, faculty and associates working with the grant.
  • provide support should there be questions or concerns from public officials, collaborating agencies or the University community regarding the grant.
  • work in a mutually agreeable partnership with the Principal Investigator (PI) and the UMaine Extension Operations Administrator concerning the financial management of the grant.
  • be responsible for the hiring process that may be involved with the funding of the grant. Classified staff hired with grant funds are delegated to the faculty involved.

The Financial Administration Office can:

  • research funding opportunities for your projects
  • assist with budget development and formatting
  • assist with completion of, ORSP budgets/justifications, and any other required documents
  • assist with the PARS submission process
  • set up payroll once your grant is awarded
  • answer questions regarding the budget and/or general ledger (GL) once your grant is awarded
  • help identify and resolve spending errors

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
Office of Research Administration

  • Unless it comes from one of our regular funding sources (NIFA-USDA or certain state agencies), funding must either go through Sponsored Programs (ORSP) or the Development Office. Both take time and advance planning. Contact the Financial Administration Office for details of working with these different offices, and the distinctions between grants and gifts.
  • All pre-proposals and full proposals submitted through ORSP must be submitted through UM PARS.  Budgets and budget justifications must be approved by ORSP Pre-Award ORA Pre-Award Services staff prior to submission in PARS.
  • If teaching and research faculty are included in the grant proposal, representatives of their administrative structure must also sign all forms.
  • If personnel expenses are part of the money requested, the granting agency must pay a certain percentage of fringe benefits for every salary dollar. This applies to all employees, full- and part-time, with the exception of student workers.  Please see ORSP’s rates page ORA’s Rates page for the most current fringe benefit rates.