Program Administrators

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Richard Brzozowski
Food System Program Administrator
Orono, ME

Lisa Phelps
Program Administrator
UMaine Extension Androscoggin-Sagadahoc County Office
Auburn, ME

Jon Prichard
Program Administrator
UMaine Extension York County Office
Springvale, ME

Before seeking grant funding, it is essential to discuss the proposed grant with the appropriate Program Administrator. Before a grant is submitted, the budget must be approved by the Operations Administrator.

All funding should be used to support program priorities identified in the Plan of Work. Activities that are funded with grant money should enhance or support regular UMaine Extension activities. It is important to avoid seeking grant money just because it is potentially available.

The Program Administrators (PAs) and the Dean are responsible for how time is spent by Extension program staff. The PA must approve the concept of the proposal and the allocation of time dedicated to it prior to starting to write a grant. Send a copy of the Request for Proposals (RFP) or guidelines for proposal submission to the appropriate PA as soon as the concept has been approved. The RFP is used to make sure all match requirements and organizational commitments are understood early in the process.

At minimum, the goals of a grant should be supported not only by the appropriate Program Administrator, but by executive committee or advisory group, and involved peers. It is highly desirable that support of the goals be obtained from others who may be involved in the activities that the grant will support. The grant should address some well-identified need. It is important to consult with the Operations Administrator during the development of the budget, and to follow all University budgetary requirements.

Grant managers are responsible for tracking budget and expenditures, and should plan to meet quarterly with the Operations Administrator to review the grant’s progress. Required program reports should be submitted through the Program Administrator. Copies of reports with fiscal information should be sent to the Operations Administrator.

When a grant proposal has been completed, it will need at least two weeks from the time it is presented to the Program Administrator to go through the final approval and submission process. Most grants must be submitted to the granting agency through the University’s Research and Sponsored Programs Division, which takes at least five working days.

The Program Administrator will:

  • be consulted by a faculty member when considering the submission of a grant;
  • review the first draft of the grant so that objectives of the funding request are congruent with the mission of UMaine Extension;
  • act as a communications liaison for the faculty member and the ELT concerning the grant;
  • advocate for the grant with the ELT and support the objectives of the grant, its plan of action and method of evaluation;
  • provide clear communications among the ELT, faculty and associates working with the grant;
  • provide support should there be questions or concerns from public officials, collaborating agencies or the University community regarding the grant;
  • work in a mutually agreeable partnership with the Principal Investigator (PI) and the UMaine Extension Operations Administrator concerning the financial management of the grant;
  • be responsible for the hiring process that may be involved with the funding of the grant. Classified staff hired with grant funds are delegated to the faculty involved.