How to Use Google E-mail Groups

More and more of our old .umext groups are being set up in Google Groups. If you are not familiar on how to use Google Groups, then read on.

window pane icon for Google Apps
Window pane icon for Google Apps

When you are in your Google e-mail, choose the “window pane” icon for Google Apps on the right hand side of your screen near your profile picture.

Choose the Groups app.

Google menu, including an icon for Google Groups

At the next screen, choose My Groups. You will see a list of the e-mail groups you are a part of.

When you click on a particular group, it will launch the info about that group. On the right-hand side, there will be two (2) options, or possibly three (3) if you are the designated manager of that group.

You will see:

ABOUT = View e-mail address of the group.

MEMBER = View icons of members within the group.

MANAGE = If you have manager privileges for the group, you can update the members of the group.

These Google Groups are set up by request from a UMaine IT Systems employee. UMaine Extension employees may request new e-mail groups by contacting Beth Hawkyard at