At Your Location

At Your Location

Graduate Student Government K-12 Outreach Initiative

Several graduate students have been trained as 4-H Volunteers. These students are available to come to your location to work with youth. Many are eager to share their research work, which ranges from STEM fields to history to multiculturalism and foreign languages. Contact Laura Wilson to discuss who is available, and what your ideal interaction would look like: 207.581.2971 or

Current grad student areas of interest include:

  • Agricultural history
  • Biology
  • Climate change
  • Cooking
  • Earth science/geology
  • Ecology
  • Environmental history
  • Environmental science
  • Fieldwork/data collection
  • French language and culture
  • Outdoor education
  • General science and technology

Forestry Opportunities

The University of Maine School of Forest Resources has students and faculty available to come work with youth. The School of Forest Resources can provide one experience/interaction per month, and faculty and students are willing to travel! Contact Laura Wilson to discuss your needs: 207.581.2971 or

4-H Science Toolkits and National Youth Science Day Experiments

We have the materials needed to successfully complete experiential learning science and engineering activities. Full guidelines for borrowing our kits are available at the above link. Many of the subjects in the toolkits directly relate to academic programs at the University of Maine! Please remember to reserve your toolkit in advance by contacting Sarah Sparks at or 207.353.5550. For more information, see 4-H Science Toolkits.