Reopening and Restarting

As we prepare to return…

Let’s take care of one another, do our part to keep ourselves, our families, our co-workers, and our communities safe.

Communication is key: We encourage conversations in county offices/units/programs. As you ease back into the office, make sure to communicate with the public (signs, forwarding phones, etc.). Share with your PA/Supervisor if there are issues around reopening (supplies, HR concerns, etc.). For program restarts, staff will complete the appropriate checklists and share with the PA/Supervisor.

UMaine Extension Branded Door Signs
Tailor them to your needs!

If you or people you know in the UMaine or UMM communities have concerns about COVID-19 symptoms, close contact or a positive test:

Call the COVID-19 information line at 207.581.2681
Fill out the online self-reporting form