Reopening Campus Offices and Labs

icon graphic for re-opening campus offices and labsThe office plans below have been reviewed and approved by Dean Hannah Carter and the intention is for us to transition back to our offices at this time. As Hannah has been saying, this will be a gradual process, and as you will see the plans indicate that having rotational shifts is one way to limit the number of staff in a building and working on the same task (the copy machine for example) at the same time. If your plan is not here it may be because it was not submitted yet or your plan may be reliant on another department. Contact Fran Sulinski at with questions.

My recommendation is that location-based teams communicate with one another and start having one group work a three-day schedule and the other group a two-day schedule with that shifting so no group/person always works three days or two. These may not be full days at first. We want to be flexible. It is possible that someone may want to work three days or has reason to be in the office more often or less. Those individual situations should be worked through supervisors and the team. If you have been approved by your supervisor or HR/EO for continued work from home please let your team know. You do not have to say the reason why this was approved.

Please observe all UMaine signage and all UMS (Training Guide information at the link below) and CDC guidance. This includes wearing masks when not in your office with the door shut. Maintaining social distance. Wiping common touchpoints like the copy machine and door handles periodically. Our campus wellness kits are on order and they include a device to open doors so you do not have to touch them. Also please log the name of any person you spend more than 15 minutes and in close contact with at this time. This is for tracking and notification in case a person tests positive. Of course, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer often and cough into your elbows. These are good practices always and I long for the days that these practices will be enough.

If you are planning to request continued remote work this should have taken place already however it is not too late. If a supervisor cannot readily approve this request the staff member should submit a request located in the Training Guide. If supervisors or staff members want to talk about this process please do not hesitate to contact me or Brian Drisko (our HR Partner).

The goal is to be fully back to our offices at some point in the not too distant future and that date is not known at this time. Please contact Fran Sulinski at with any feedback or questions.

Level II HOC Task Assessments

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