CDMS and WooCommerce: Best Practices, Tips, Policy and Troubleshooting

Best Practices and Tips

  • Request for event and marketing must be received 30 days in advance. This allows time for staff to create an online payment for event and allows time for marketing.
  • Review the steps on the Checklist for Promoting Your Event (on the Web) page (Extension’s Plugged-in website).
  • There may be also times when you do NOT want your event public. Change the settings to Catalog Visibility: Hidden. For a select target group, you can also add a password.
  • Discontinue the alternative option of fill-out paper form and mail-in check. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or if you prefer to pay by check, use the electronic check option.  UMaine Extension has aligned our financial practices with those of UMaine System, keeping your transactions more secure than ever.
  • Customers needing an accommodation (such as those without access to the internet) should be addressed on a case by case basis. We trust that you will make the best decision to assist them. (Include the ADA disclaimer at the bottom of the registration page. Disclaimer sample copy may be found on the Getting Started with CDMS page.)
  • NOTE: If a customer needs to be billed before paying, we can create a coupon code that will allow them to register online, which will prompt us to generate an invoice.  The same thing goes for staff registering using an (IDO) Interdepartmental Orders.  Coupon codes can also be created for reduced fees or payment plans.
  • Simplify and thoroughly test product/workshop before the event goes live.  Staff need to learn how to complete a registration themselves for their own workshops.  Staff are encouraged to walk through the check-out process/shopping cart so that they can have the same experience as the client.  This ownership by staff would result in staff simplifying their registrations, that will result in a better user experience for clients.
  • NOTE: Financial information must be entered before event can be published. Password-protect the permalink (URL) to share with others for review.
  • Email Tara Wood at to add your event to UMaine Events Calendar.
  • When your workshop date has passed, change the product status to ‘DRAFT’ to remove it from the catalog search.  You should also make any necessary changes if you link back to an information page.


CDMS Procedure for Cancelled Workshops and Refunds

If a workshop is cancelled, the event contact person will be responsible for reviewing registration reports and contacting the customers to inform them of the cancellation, as well as determining whether they would like a refund, or attend the same workshop scheduled on another day or location.

After the event contact person has informed all registrants and determined their choices, he or she needs to email Mary Michaud,, with the final outcome. Mary will make the necessary adjustments to the database and process any refunds.

NOTE: The event contact person will also be responsible for keeping track of inventory of an event ‘product’  and make the necessary text changes to the information and product pages to inform visitors to the page that the event is Sold Out and Registration is Closed.

Add a Note to Completed Customer Order

  • You can automatically add a note to the participant order and include additional information about the event, any requirements, etc.
  • Add a Private Note to Order, for office use only.

Sample Text for an Incomplete/Cancelled Order:

Registration Payment for Name of Event is incomplete. Payment was not processed. It’s unclear if this was intentional or if the shopping cart timed out due to lack of inactivity/time limit reached but I wanted you to know.


  • Already have an account and forgot their password? Easy fix: reset password and complete the order.
  • Payment errors: credit card information, security code, billing address, etc.? Mary Michaud (contact information below) is able to look up the TouchNet error code and provide the customer with corrective action.
  • Timeout for the Woo-Commerce site? The registration page is set to timeout at 60 minutes. TouchNet Payment is 30 seconds. Customers have reported being blocked by an outdated, unsupported browser or computer settings.

Next Step: Create Information, Form and Product Pages

For additional assistance, advanced CDMS or Excel training or if you have any questions, please email Mary Michaud, or call 207.581.2721.