Innovative Program Ideas Presentations

Dear Colleagues:

We are seeking one 10-minute presentation from each participating institution that shares information on an innovative program that is being offered to new or underserved audiences on unique or emerging topics by your institution.

The presentation should follow the outline below in order to bring some consistency to the presentations:

  • Title of program and name of presenter
  • Background situation statement, needs to be met
  • Goals and objectives of the project/program
  • Project/program team: Indicate if an in-state or multi-state effort, and all internal and external collaborators (think agencies, etc. rather than lists of individuals)
  • Funding Sources: Source of seed money, continuing funds, and fee generation, if applicable
  • Resources developed particularly those for use by others (website, educational materials, curriculum, etc.)
  • Plans for program sharing or replication by others
  • Contact information for primary contact to receive questions or interest

Forward presentation topics to Dan Kluchinski by email at by Friday, September 29, 2017. Presentations (PowerPoint, please) should be forwarded by Friday, October 13, 2017.

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