Blueberry Cove Facility Rental

Blueberry Cove is a wonderful location, sitting right on Tenants Harbor (directions). Forest surrounds a central area of meadows, overlooking a large area of waterfront.

What’s available?

Meeting spaces

‘The Maine’ is Blueberry Cove’s primary indoor space and acts as both dining hall and large meeting space. It also includes bathroom facilities.

Close by are smaller meeting or breakout spaces.


Our living accommodation comprises of 10 cabins with a total capacity of 56. Five cabins have electricity, and one of these also includes its own shower/bathroom facilities.

The site has a fully-furnished kitchen adjoining the dining hall.

outside of cabin kitchen

More information


Blueberry Cove is situated just outside Tenants Harbor. Detailed directions.

Further questions?

For more information, please contact us.