Tanglewood Rental Facts


What activity facilities does your site have?

We have 12 miles of hiking trail (foot traffic only), catch and release fly fishing, playing fields, camp fire sites (several small sites and one larger that seats 70), and an outdoor amphitheater (seats 70).

Can you provide childcare during our event?

In some cases we are able to, however this is subject to case-by-case agreement from our program staff. If you would like to investigate this possibility, please contact us with the date/times required, and a good idea of the number of children and their ages.

Can we swim in the river?

The Ducktrap is great for a refreshing swim!

If your group wishes to swim in the river, you must provide your own certified lifeguard(s). Suitability of the river for swimming varies with water level, and your lifeguard should survey for natural hazards below the surface.

Can we bring pets?

Tanglewood does not permit dogs as we host staff, guests and campers who may have allergies, and we also wish to protect the area’s wildlife from interference. Guests who brings dogs will be asked to leave.

Can we consume alcohol and/or illicit drugs on site?

Tanglewood is a drug and alcohol free campus. The consumption of alcohol is not permitted inside state parks, and we cannot allow the use of any illegal drug on site.

Can we smoke on site?

We ask that smoking is confined to designated smoking areas.


What accommodation is available?

Six heated cabins, with a total capacity of 55-60 (three have electricity). Five cabins are heated by wood stove and one by propane.

Nine unheated cabins, with a total capacity of 54.

What bathroom & shower facilities are provided on site?

A modern bathhouse, complete with radiant heating and handicap accessible facilities, is centrally located. The female section is equipped with 3 showers, 4 toilets, and 4 wash basins; the male section with 3 showers, 3 toilets, 2 urinals, and 3 wash basins.

Each satellite living unit also includes a small bath house with 3 toilets and sinks with cold running water.

“The Nest” includes its own bathroom with toilet, wash basin, and combined bath/shower.

Are linens provided?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide linens, please bring your own sheets, bedding, pillows, and table linens as required.

Meeting spaces

What meeting spaces are available?

The Dining Hall has a capacity of 75-100 and is equipped with electricity, fireplace and wood stove. The Nature Center has a capacity of 20 and is equipped with electricity and a wood stove. The Museum has a capacity of 15 is equipped with a wood stove

Is phone or Internet service available?

Wireless Internet is available in the Dining Hall. Cell service is limited, depending on carrier and model of phone. Staff have access to an emergency land line.

Catering facilities

What kitchen facilities are available?

Tanglewood has a fully-furnished kitchen facility adjoining the Dining Hall.

Is cutlery and tableware provided?

Cutlery for 120 is available (note that interior seating is for 100).

Can you provide food service?

Yes, with advance notice.

Handicap access

What facilities are handicap accessible?

The Dining Hall, ‘the Nest’ and the main bath house.

Are any park trails handicap accessible?

The TREES trail is accessible. It includes a large gravel section with seating at regular intervals.