Counselor Volunteer, ages 16+

Staff training circle activity, people talkingTanglewood’s Counselor Volunteer (CVs) program is for those who still strive for professional leadership development whilst honing the skills to be a successful camp counselor.

About the role

CV’s live in cabins with up to 8 campers and one other counselor for two to four weeks, during which they share all the joys and duties of being a camp counselor. Additionally, there are opportunities to volunteer on our Adventure Trips.

The responsibility of working directly with children of a variety of ages requires a great deal of maturity and leadership. To help prepare them for taking on the role of a Camp Counselor, all CVs have the option to attend staff training where all counselors learn how to do the best job at caring for our campers. For those who are not able to attend this in-depth training week, a specialize on-the-job training program is implemented during mornings of your first week to help ease you into being a counselor.

What you gain

We hope that by joining the staff community and being mentored by experienced counselors, CVs will be able to gain a lot from their experiences. Learning new skills, discovering the joys of being a role model to campers and taking away some wonderful memories.

There is no fee for this program, but applicants must apply and be accepted to participate.

To apply, please use our staff application to apply. Volunteers must have completed the 10th grade and have leadership experience. Community service credit/hours are a valuable benefit of this program. We look forward to having you on our team.

More details

Ages: 16 +

Cost: There is no cost to participate. Volunteers are provided with room and board during program sessions, however, all counselor volunteers are required to return home for the “weekends” between program sessions. This is an organizational policy and if it is an issue for you, please contact Jessica Decke at 207.789.5868.


Staff training: June 18-26, 2020
First Session: July 12-23, 2020 (this is our first two-week session and we stay over the weekend)
Second Session: July 26-August 7, 2020 (we have the middle weekend Saturday off)
Third Session: August 9-21, 2020 (this is our second two-week session and we stay over the weekend)