Tanglewood Middle School Day Camps

Tanglewood is expanding our traditional summer camp schedule, to offer five additional weeks of day programming for middle school students currently in grades 5-7. Sessions run Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and cost $195/week.

See our FAQ & Packing List for more details.

Program Options

June 8-12, 2020 – Archery and Survival Skills: Combining sensory and observation activities with survival scenarios allows participants to build confidence and competence in a range of outdoor skills. Learning to use a map and compass to navigate a course in the forest, building weatherproof shelters, practicing archery techniques, and constructing safe and effective fires are some of the options for this week.

June 8-12, 2020 – Creative Arts: Participants will create works of participants weaving on the Earth loomart using the stunning wild landscapes of Camden Hills State Park and surrounding lands as inspiration. Using media such as watercolor, fiber, and natural materials, instructors encourage creativity and self-expression. Creating an earth loom, constructing a labyrinth, sketching in a self-made nature journal, and building miniature villages are some of the possible highlights of this week.

June 15-19, 2020 – Outdoor Recreation: This week is ideal for participants who like to be constantly on the move! Opportunities for physical activity include working with other participants to master balancing and climbing activities on our L2 canoe group photoforested challenge course, canoeing on nearby Pitcher Pond, hiking the lesser-known trails of Camden Hills State Park, and exploring nearby nature preserves. Participants might also help with trail maintenance, refurbish some of our outdoor classrooms, or create their own obstacle courses. 

June 22-26, 2020 – STEM Challenges and Escape Room: Culminating with an escape room challenge uniquely situated in a puzzling outdoor setting, this week is sure to challenge the minds of participants. Those who choose this week will be engineering and testing various structures, solving logic puzzles, and navigating their way through the mysteries of science and sustainability. 

August 24-28, 2020 – Watershed Ecology: Participants gain an understanding of the role water plays in sustaining life in the Ducktrap River, the adjacent pond, and the surrounding forest. Pond scooping, a program highlight, is an engaging way for participants to find and identify aquatic insects, amphibians, fish, reptiles, and plants. Once participants identify their findings, they use the data to determine the overall health of the freshwater ecosystem, all the while becoming familiar with the unique adaptations of aquatic life. In addition, there are opportunities to make side trips to our natural waterslides, local tidepools, and forest streams. 

August 31-September 4 – Gardening and Cooking: Those with or without a green thumb will enjoy a peaceful week working in and around our gardens. In addition to weeding, watering, andtwo campers with harvested vegetables composting, participants will have an opportunity to harvest a variety of plants and invent delicious recipes, perhaps making samples to bring home and share. We might observe and categorize insect pollinators or perform soil tests to compare the soil quality in our raised beds. Venturing into the forest, participants will learn how to safely identify and harvest wild edibles as well as study how forest communities create their own plant and animal-based buffet for wildlife inhabitants.