Two Week Sessions

If you’re looking for a longer camp experience, Tanglewood’s 2-week sessions are the answer! With 12 days to play, there’s all the fun of our single-week sessions + some extras….

    • Beach day. A whole-camp beach adventure, with all of the camp packing their bags and heading out for a day or evening at the ocean.
    • Cabin night. You + your cabin mates + fun! Not only do we go all-out in creating an extra-fancy meal for dinner, but after that, your cabin group gets the entire evening to do something special together. A lot of amazing things have been dreamt up in the past including tenting out, baking brownies, an evening at the beach, and much, much more.
    • Extended focus options
    • TANGLEWOODSTOCK and TANGLEPALOOZA, celebrations of the summertime. After an afternoon of fun on the field, we set about creating a special evening, usually including talent shows and live music.
    • Camper-inspired specialty programming: it truly is your camp! Since we’re together for 2 whole weeks, we have the ability to create one-of-a-kind programs just for you based on your interests. What can you imagine?

Ages: 8-14                   Cost: $1,400.00            FAQ & Packing List

Program Dates:          

Weeks 3 & 4b: July 9-20, 2023

Weeks 7 & 8b: August 6-17, 2023

If you would like to register for the two-week session, you will register for weeks 3 and 4-b or weeks 7 and 8-b resulting in a two-week registration including the weekends in between.

Registering for any other combination of sessions will result in attending multiple one-week sessions that do not include the weekends.