Waldo County 4-H Tech Changemakers

4-H Tech Changemakers are teen and adult volunteers who are equipped to help community members with technology-related issues. The Waldo County organization currently has an array of members who are interested in answering questions related to video conferencing platforms, application uses, as well as other topics on an as needed basis. For more information about our county’s 4-H Tech Changemakers, please visit our introductions page (coming soon).

The Waldo Youth 4-H Tech Changemakers are part of a much larger state and nationwide program of volunteers. To learn more about what we are accomplishing at the start level you can visit: extension.umaine.edu/4h/tech-changemakers. Nationwide there are many groups that are dedicated to helping those who want to learn more about technology accomplish this goal. There are groups in Georgia, Maryland, New York, Texas, and many more states.

More information:

Community Benefits:

4-H Tech Changemakers benefit the community in many ways. We are an organization that is dedicated to helping those who do not consider themselves to be tech savvy learn and feel more comfortable using technology. We accomplish this through answering questions in a one-on-one  or group setting during a virtual workshop or office hours. Doing this will help us to more effectively meet your individual goals as well as those of the community. We want to make sure those who are interested in learning more have the tools to do so. We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or workshops you would like to be held. We are dedicated to helping you and improve technological skill sets.

Benefits for Youth Volunteers:

Youth volunteers have the benefit of learning how to help others through attending and helping to facilitate workshops and virtual office hours. In doing this they are working on essential skills that they will be able to use down the road. Creative problem solving and communication skills are just a couple of the characteristics they are improving through their continued participation. Youth volunteers have the ability to showcase their knowledge of technology and to facilitate sessions to allow others to learn from them. Youth volunteers also have the ability to make connections through the country, state, and nationally through their participation in this program. The community greatly benefits by having someone who knows how to facilitate these types of sessions and share their skills. Youth have the ability to be an active member of their greater county community through participating.