Waldo County Extension Homemakers Council Bylaws

Article I:

The name of this organization shall be the WALDO COUNTY EXTENSION HOMEMAKERS’ COUNCIL (hereafter referred to as the WCEHC).

Article II:

Object:  The WCEHC is a non-profit organization designed to develop leadership and to forward and extend family living education among both adults and youth in all parts of Waldo County.  The WCEHC functions within the policies of the Cooperative Extension.

Article III:

Membership:  The membership of the WCEHC shall consist of the members of the organized Community Extension Homemakers’ Groups in Waldo County and any other individuals who choose to participate.  People who participate but are not in organized groups shall be referred to as “members-at-large”.

Article IV:

Officers:  The officers shall be a Chairperson, A Vice-Chairperson, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. A nominating committee shall be appointed at the Fall meeting of the WCEHC to present a slate of officers at the Spring meeting of the WCEHC.  All officers are elected at the Spring meeting.  The term of these officers shall be one year.  Any officer may serve a consecutive term in the same capacity for up to a three-year term.  The Advisory Board may appoint a person to fill an unexpired term should a vacancy occur.  Said person may then be elected to serve in that office for up to three years.

Article V:

Duties of Officers:  All officers shall assume responsibilities for the duties of their office as outlined in the WCEHC handbook.

Article VI:

Meetings:  The WCEHC shall hold Spring meetings on the second Thursday in April and Fall meetings on the second Thursday in October, annually.  If any additional meetings are needed they will be called by the Chairperson of the WCEHC.

Article VII:

Quorum:  The delegates present at any meeting of the WCEHC shall constitute a quorum.

Article VIII:

A. Funds:  The community Extension Homemakers’ Groups will be assessed dues of $0.25 per member annually.  These dues will be used to assist in carrying out the projects/programs determined by the WCEHC.  The WCEHC will conduct fundraisers as needed.

B. Source of Funds:  The Waldo County Extension Homemakers’ Council shall set aside $1,000 as the principal for the scholarship fund.  The interest, which accrues, shall be used for the scholarship award.  The principal will be spent only when insufficient funds are available from other sources.  Local extension groups throughout Waldo County shall be asked to donate a minimum of $1.00 per member annually to the scholarship.  Fundraising projects shall be held in conjunction with the Fall meeting of the WCEHC.  All the money raised from these projects shall be used toward the scholarship.  The scholarships shall be in the amount of at least $200.  Scholarship(s) will be awarded annually to one or two students according to the availability of funds.  The dispersal shall be left to the discretion of scholarship committee.

Article IX:

Advisory Board

A. Membership: The Advisory Board of the WCEHC shall be made up of the four county officers plus representatives from each of the Community Extension Homemakers’ Groups and members-at-large.

B. Meetings: The Advisory Board will hold meetings on the second Monday in February, May, August, and November, and any additional times deemed necessary.

C. Functions: The Advisory Board shall perform the following functions:

  • Assist in planning and organizing Spring and Fall meetings of the WCEHC.
  • Serve as a link between the Community Extension Homemakers’ Groups and the WCEHC.
  • Sanction the payment of bills incurred between Spring and Fall meetings other than those listed under the Treasurer’s responsibility.

Article X:

Amendments:  These by-laws may be amended at a regular meeting of the WCEHC by a two-thirds vote of the delegates present.

Article XI:

Review:  Bylaws of the WCEHC shall be reviewed AT LEAST EVERY FIVE YEARS, or more often if necessary.

Article XII:

Property:  Any property belonging to the WCEHC may be used ONLY by the WCEHC and/or Community Extension Homemakers’ Groups, or members-at-large.

Article XIII:

Dissolution:  In the event of dissolution of the WCEHC, the officers and members will assign all assets to one or more Extension allied organizations, through a majority vote.

Revised 2008

For More Information, Please Contact:

Waldo County Extension Homemakers (WCEH)

Phone: 207.342.5971 or 800.287.1426 (in Maine)
FAX: 207.342.4229
E-mail: waleh@umext.maine.edu

Office Hours: Weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.