Training Schedule

2020 Master Gardener Volunteer Training

The Master Gardener Training is a basic horticulture course comprised of approximately 70 hours of classroom, field, and hands-on learning, with an online manual serving as a resource. In 2020, the training will be held on Wednesday mornings (9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.), with two Saturday mornings and two field trip sessions. Classes will be held in the Downs Conference Room on the 5th floor of the Kennedy Center at 15 Oak St., Springvale, Maine (with the exception of field trips, our Master Gardener Annual Meeting, the Plant Sale and one class to be held at Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm). The focus of the training will be on plant and soil science, vegetable and fruit production, ornamental horticulture and sustainable landscaping.

2020 Class Schedule

2020 Printable Schedule (Word)

Wednesday, 1/29: Orientation to the Cooperative Extension and the Master Gardener Program, 
and Seed Starting with Frank Wertheim, Cooperative Extension Professor

Wednesday, 2/5: Soil Basics for Gardeners Part I & Home Composting with Frank Wertheim

Wednesday, 2/12: Soil Basics for Gardeners Part 2 & Vermicomposting with Frank Wertheim

Wednesday, 2/19: Botany for Gardeners Part I with Frank Wertheim

Wednesday, 2/26: Botany for Gardeners Part 2 with Frank Wertheim and Food Security/Hunger in Maine with Frank Wertheim 

Wednesday, 3/4: Volunteering in the Master Gardener Program – Project Overviews
 & Volunteer Risk Management with Frank Wertheim, Extension Educator, Sue Tkacik, Horticulturist

Wednesday, 3/11: Growing Small Fruit in Southern Maine (Highbush Blueberries, Strawberries, Brambles) with David Handley, Small Fruit Specialist, UMaine Extension

Wednesday, 3/18: Growing Small Fruit in Southern Maine Part 2 (Grapes, Hardy Kiwi, Elderberries, Other Unusual Small Fruits) and Garden Food Safety with David Handley, Small Fruit Specialist, UMaine Extension

Wednesday, 3/25: Wise Use of Pesticides in the Home Garden — and YardScapingwith John Petroski, Board of Pesticides Control, Maine Department of Agriculture

Wednesday, 4/1: Growing Tree Fruits in Southern Maine with Renae Moran, Extension Tree Fruit Specialist 

*Saturday, 4/4:York County Master Gardener Annual Meeting, 9:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m. Location:  Mather Auditorium at Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm

Wednesday, 4/8: Growing Herbs in Maine and Principles of Landscape Design with Amy Witt, Earth Walkers Consulting

Wednesday, 4/15: Growing Vegetables in Southern Maine Part I with Mark Hutton, Vegetable Specialist, UMaine Extension

*Wednesday, 4/22: FIELD TRIP — Pruning Fruit Trees and Home Orchard Development with Farmer/Orchardists,  John and Chris Bozak, – Location:  Berry Best Farm, 33 Colburn Way, Lebanon

Wednesday, 4/29: Pest Management — Insects and Disease in the Home Garden with Clay Kirby, Extension Entomologist and Alicyn Smart, Extension Plant Pathology Specialist

Wednesday, 5/6: Growing Vegetables in Southern Maine Part 2 with Mark Hutton, Vegetable Specialist, UMaine Cooperative Extension

Wednesday, 5/13: Short Topic Day: Weed Management, Raised Beds, Drip Irrigation and Rain Barrels with Frank Wertheim

*Saturday, 5/16: York County Master Gardener Plant Salewith Everyone!! — Location:  Extension Office, Outdoor Grounds – 7:00AM – 1:00 PM

*Wednesday, 5/20: Gardening with Native Plants with Heather McCargo, Executive Director Wild Seed Project, Location: Mather Auditorium at Wells Reserve at Laudholm Farm

*Wednesday , 5/27: FIELD TRIPForest Tree and Wildflower ID with Frank Wertheim and John Bozak, Forestry Professor Emeritus, UNH Location: Berry Best Farm, 33 Colburn Way, Lebanon,

Wednesday, 6/3: Practical Final Exam — This is an end of program open book collaborative final and Class Picture – wear garden attire and Master Gardener Class Celebration 🙂 

*Wednesday, 6/10: Snow Date (if needed)

 * denotes that the class location and time may differ from the usual time and location in the Downs Conference Room.