Melissa Libby Babcock

Administrative Specialist CL2Melissa Babcock
University of Maine, 5735 Hitchner Hall, Room 134, Orono, ME 04469-5735
Phone: 207.581.2788

Melissa works in the Livestock Office and the Food Process Authority for UMaine Cooperative Extension. Extension Educators work with her to help get information out to people concerning issues that the producers and farmers may have about specific species that they are raising. She maintains a diverse database for all species for the entire state. She also works with people in the food industry who need their food product tested for shelf stability before they are able to offer to sell it to the public.

Melissa helps with educational outreach for a variety of specialist within Cooperative Extension:

  • Colt Knight, Livestock Specialist for the Grazing Behavior Lab
    • Meat Cutting School
    • Poultry workshops
    • Swine workshops
    • Smoking meats and barbecue workshops
  • Glenda Pereira, Dairy Specialist
    • Working with dairy cows
    • Dairy Seminar
  • Beth Calder, Extension Food Science Specialist
    • Director of the Food Process Authority
    • Recipe to Market
  • Ellen Mallory, Extension Specialist & Professor of Sustainable Agriculture
    • Grain & Oilseed working with issues/workshops
  • Jaime Garzon, Dairy Forage Educator
    • Working with issues/workshops