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Volunteers collect onions for Maine Harvest for Hunger; photo by Edwin RemsbergUniversity of Maine Cooperative Extension provides home gardeners with practical, how-to solutions based on university research.

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see Maine Home Garden News.

Autimn foliage at Big Indian Lake, Maine

Autumn is the time to…

  • Save seed. Be sure to know whether the seeds being saved are going to produce plants with the same traits as the “parent plant” — any plant you may have purchased with “F1” in its name is a hybrid and will not produce the same characteristics. See An Introduction to Seed Saving for the Home Gardener for more information.
  • Test your soil. Soil testing can be done anytime, but it’s especially helpful to find out what needs to be added to the soil and incorporate it when there are typically fewer other garden chores to be done.
  • Start a compost pile while leaves are abundant. Leaves make an excellent substrate for a compost pile — especially when first shredded with a mower. Collect excess leaves in a separate pile to add when depositing food scraps and other high nitrogen inputs.

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