Victory Gardens for ME

CarrotsStarting Friday, May 1, UMaine Extension will release its first video of the weekly Victory Garden for ME series. This series will consist of short pre-recorded videos geared towards Mainers growing their first vegetable garden. After watching the weekly video, tune in to our virtual office hours, hosted by our county offices, with your questions!

Coming soon! Weed Control, How to Water Your Garden, What is wrong with my plant? and What do I do with my harvest?

Enjoying our videos but have questions? Tune in to any of our virtual office hours for a chance to talk to Extension experts and Master Gardener Volunteers. 

Do you appreciate the work we are doing?

Consider making a contribution to the Maine Master Gardener Development Fund. Your dollars will support and expand Master Gardener Volunteer community outreach across Maine.


Equal Opportunity for All

Thank you for choosing Maine Cooperative Extension for your educational needs. It is important that we ensure equal opportunity to all who might benefit from our programs and resources. As a way to document those we are reaching through Victory Garden for ME, we are seeking the following information on an optional and anonymous basis.

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