Episode 4: Get Planting

In this edition of Victory Garden for ME,  learn about different ways to organize your garden, square foot gardening, companion planting, direct seed vs. transplants, proper planting techniques and more !

Helpful Tips and Resources:

There are many ways to layout plants in your garden, consider Square Foot Gardening and traditional rows.

Create a logical layout of plants based on the width, height, and space they take when mature. Don’t forget to leave room to access the plants as well.  Videos are a big help in visualizing things like trellising, raised beds, and corralling tomatoes. 

Plan to rotate your crops by plant family.

Companion planting is a traditional means of planting certain crops together for the benefit of all.  Three sisters planting is an example of this.

Use transplants for crops that won’t mature from seed during our growing season.

sow seeds for root crops directly in the ground and wait for the right conditions to transplant seedlings.  A chart that addresses this for Maine is handy to have. There are also Planning Tools and Calculators available online.

Getting plants and seedlings locally means they have been grown for Maine gardens.  The Maine Farm and Seafood Products directory has agriculture resources and MOFGA has an organic certified grower directory as well.  Make sure you keep your newly planted seeds and transplants moist.

There is both art and science to saving seeds at home.  The Bulletin “An Introduction to Seed Saving for the Home Gardener” is a good place to start.

Planting seeds at home is easy if you read directions and follow the hints in the Bulletin “Starting Seeds at Home”  A fun activity for any age is to make seed tape or “bean bags” as a way to make planting easier.

Planning and planting are weather dependent. Understanding how to extend the season or protect your garden from weather and pests can maximize the harvest and garden success.

More information is available on UMaine Cooperative Extension’s website and in the video description.  Please be sure and check out our next video on managing weeds in your garden.