Maine Farm and Seafood Products Directory

Available Local Food and Alternative Pick-Up Options

Many farmers, fishermen, and other producers across Maine have added alternative ways for customers to obtain food and other products in light of the COVID-19 outbreak and related physical distancing guidelines. Many thanks to Allison Lakin of East Forty Farm and Lakin’s Gorges Cheese for initiating this important resource. Producers, please see the Add or Update Your Listing page for more information.

Before you go, we ask that you check producers’ listings, their websites, and/or contact them in order to have the most current information about their products, pick-up options, and safety procedures.

Connect with producers directly using the contact information provided in the directory.*
Directory information is available in two formats: interactive map and spreadsheet.
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View the Maine Farm and Seafood Products spreadsheet.


* Please note that this directory is not a complete listing. No endorsement of products or companies is intended, nor is criticism of unnamed products or companies implied.