University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s PUBLICATIONS & BOOKS help “extend” University of Maine resources to the Maine public.

UMaine Extension produces statewide newsletters and blogs on a variety of agriculture-related topics.

Avian Influenza (AI) Updates
Up-to-date news about AI by Anne Lichtenwalner, DVM, PhD, University of Maine Cooperative Extension.

Central Maine Farming: Free e-mail newsletter. Provides timely information on the production and marketing of crops and livestock grown in Central Maine. Upcoming events and programs of interest is also included. Subscription information.

Central Maine GardeningFree e-mail newsletter. Provides timely information for successful home gardens both ornamental and food gardens grown in Central Maine. Current pest problems are discussed also upcoming events and programs of interest are included. Subscription information.

Cows and Crops Newsletter: Free e-mail newsletter providing production and research information to Maine’s dairy and forage producers. Information includes upcoming events. To subscribe, visit our Cows & Crops Subscription Form.

Farm and Food Systems Newsletter: a free monthly publication covering a variety of topics, resources, and events for Maine farmers. Subscribe to receive email notification when the newsletter is posted.

Maine Beef Newsletter: Free e-mail newsletter. A collaboration between the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, and the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association. It includes timely topics of interest to beef producers in Maine as well as upcoming programs and events for beef producers. Subscription information.

Maine Home Garden News
A free, online newsletter for Maine home gardeners available monthly, March through October. Articles are written by UMaine Extension gardening experts and Maine Master Gardener Volunteers.

Maine Tree Fruit Newsletter
A newsletter targeted primarily for commercial growers but is also of use to hobbyists. There are 2 ways to receive the Maine Tree Fruit Newsletter:

  1. E-mail version is free. Your e-mail program must be able to read HTML-email messages. If you would like to receive the e-mail version send your e-mail address.
  2. The web version is usually published at same time as e-mail version is mailed. All the current year issues are freely accessible at the UMaine Extension Apple IPM website.

Pest Alert
Published weekly during the summer for commercial potato growers. For subscription information, contact Jim Dwyer at 207.764.3361 or 1.800.287.1462 (in Maine).

Spotted Wing Drosophila Update
For subscription information, contact or call 207.933.2100.

Strawberry IPM Newsletter
For subscription information, contact or call 207.933.2100.

Sweet Corn IPM Newsletter
For subscription information, contact or call 207.933.2100.

Wild Blueberry News
A monthly newsletter for commercial blueberry growers. To subscribe, use our online form or call 207.581.2892 or 1.800.287.0274 (in Maine); 207.581.2923 or 1.800.897.0757 (in Maine).