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General Gardening

  • Extending the Gardening Season Using Raised Beds, Parts 1-4
    Learn how to build a raised-bed garden that will allow you to grow food in smaller spaces and expand your growing season.
  • Gardening in Limited Space Using Container Gardens, Parts 1 & 2
    Learn how to grow a vegetable garden in containers when you have limited or no garden space.
  • Garden Safety
    Garden and food safety will teach you how to select the correct site for your garden, how to properly prepare your garden, and what contaminants affect your garden.
  • How To Build A Seedling Stand To Extend the Gardening Season
    Learn how to extend your growing season by growing your own seedlings and building your own seedling stand. A list of materials and a diagram are provided with this video.
  • How To Get Rid of Invasive Plants
    Learn what types of plants are invasive, where they come from, the damage they can cause, and what types of plants you can use to replace invasive plants.
  • Native Plants in Maine
    Learn what plants are truly native to Maine, their impact on our wildlife, and their effect on our landscape.
  • Putting the Garden to Bed
    Learn how to use the organic matter from your garden, after you have harvested your garden, to improve soil quality for next year’s garden.
  • Soil Testing
    Learn when is the best time to test your soil, how to sample your soil, and where to send your soil for analysis.
  • Starting Seeds at Home
    You can get a big jump on Maine’s short gardening season when you grow your own seedlings. Instead of waiting for the ground to warm up enough to sow seeds outside, start enjoying flowers and harvesting vegetables four to six weeks earlier by starting seeds at home.




Insect Pests and Plant Diseases



  • Composting Basics
    Learn why you should compost, the processes of composting, and what can and can not be composted.
  • Composting Recipe
    Learn what compost ingredients to use and how much to use along with how to blend, mix and cook your compost.
  • Worm Composting
    Learn how to create an indoor or outdoor worm bin, what worms to use, and what materials are needed.

Invasive Plants


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