Maine Invasive Species Network (MISN) brings together both professionals and amateurs who are interested in understanding and managing invasive species in Maine.

Our members work, among other places, at the Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry, University of Maine, Nature Conservancy, Colby College, Unity College, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Maine Lakes Society, several land trusts, and for private land management companies. We also have many citizens who are simply concerned about land stewardship and preservation of natural ecosystems.

MISN and this website were conceived in October 2009, when a group of 45 people met in Augusta at the first meeting to bring together people who work intensively on invasive plants, animals, and other invasive species in Maine.

Please let us know if you want to join.

Purpose of MISN

  • serve as a communication tool;
  • help members identify and pursue collaborative projects;
  • support research on management of invasive species;
  • map invasive species populations;
  • present funding opportunities;
  • exchange species-specific information;
  • explore new tools to monitor populations;
  • develop and distribute educational materials;
  • provide outreach opportunities; and
  • exchange database tools.

Possible Unsolicited Seed Packages in the Mail

Residents across Maine are receiving packages of unsolicited seeds from China. Residents who receive or have received an unsolicited package of seeds are asked to please place the seeds and shipping envelope (if available) into a resealable baggie and mail them to the address below for identification and processing.


15 Iron Road, Suite 1

Hermon, ME 04401

While the exact types of seeds in the packages are unknown, the seeds are thought to be either invasive or pose a plant health risk, and not believed to be harmful to humans or pets, but could pose a significant risk to agriculture or the environment. Due to the volume of reports that we have been receiving, DACF will not be able to reply to each individual regarding the identification results.

If you have seeds or plant material, we ask you to fill out the form and provide further instructions. Thank you.