MISN-L Listserv

The MISN-L Listserv is an e-mail list established by the Maine Invasive Species Network (MISN) to assist in the distribution of information related to invasive species research, management, outreach and education within the State of Maine. This all-taxa interest group includes marine species, terrestrial and aquatic plants, forest and insect pests and diseases among others and is intended to focus on species currently in or  considered a threat to Maine ecosystems.

Suitable subject matter includes the announcement of meetings and working groups, funding, collaborative projects, new research and publications as well as other information that may be of interest to those working on research, management and education efforts related to invasive species.

The MISN-L listserv includes all current members of the MISN group and is intended to connect those working on Maine invasive species issues for the purposes of data sharing, development and distribution of educational materials and exchange of information and ideas regarding invasive species.

  • If you are working on invasive species in Maine and would like to become a subscriber to the list, please contact Andrei Alyokhin at alyokhin@maine.edu.
  • In your message, please provide your name, professional title, organization/business, work telephone, and work address (street/city/state/zip).

This list is currently private and postings are only available to MISN-L subscribers.

  • If you are a current subscriber and want to manage your subscription, log in to LISTS.MAINE.EDU.

Here you will be able to manage your subscription, view online archives of postings or sign-off from the MISN-L list if you wish to discontinue your subscription.