Episode 3: Preparing Your Garden Soil

In this edition of Victory Garden for ME,  learn how to prepare your garden soil for the growing season by testing your soil, amending your soil based on soil test results, adding organic matter (if needed) and much more!

Helpful Tips and Resources:

The basics of soil testing and reading a soil test are in Testing Your Soil, Bulletin #2286

Organic nutrient sources for gardens Natural Sources of Plant Nutrients by MOFGA and Characteristics of Common Natural Fertilizers

Information about Organic Matter and Compost in the garden.  

There are Guidelines for Using Manure on Vegetable Gardens, in Bulletin #2510

What to fill a raised bed with when you are Gardening in Small Spaces and Tips for Purchasing Soil for Gardens and Landscape Projects.

Useful measurements and other math to Calculate how much you need for soil or amendments.

Further information can be found in the Soils and Composting Chapters of the Master Gardener Volunteers Manual.