Episode 6: How to Water Your Garden

In this edition of Victory Garden for ME,  learn about how much and when you need to water your garden, techniques and best practices, drip irrigation and more!

Helpful Tips and Resources:

Getting water directly to the plant roots is the best way to water.

The quality of the water makes a difference in vegetable crops.  

  • Well Water Safety and Testing is the option for those who have no access to town water.  
  • Rain barrels are good for ornamental plants but should be avoided for use on vegetables due to possible contaminates on the roofs. 

Although it is uncommon, drought in Maine is a factor in some years.  Dealing with drought in the home garden means managing the details wherever you can. 

Maintaining the moisture in the soil is as important as getting the water there in the first place. 

More information is available on UMaine Cooperative Extension’s website and in the video description.  Please be sure to check out our next video on what is wrong with my plant!