Episode 5: Managing Weeds

In this edition of Victory Garden for ME,  learn about the importance of managing weeds in your garden, how to prevent and manage weeds, the stale seedbed method, and much more!

Helpful Tips and Resources:

There are many Weed Identification tools and research-based publications are the best place to find information about weeds.

Understanding Basic Botany will help with navigating the Keys used to identifying plants.  

Cover Crops and Organic mulches are two ways to help prevent weeds from becoming established in the garden.   

Throughout the season Mulch is an option that can accomplish many things including suppressing weeds. 

Having the right tools for your garden can help make the weeding more effective.

More information is available on UMaine Cooperative Extension’s website and in the video description.  Please be sure to check out our next video on watering your garden!