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Additional Resources

Carry On Gardening — Based in the United Kingdom, this website has comprehensive and specific information on gardening with vision loss, weak grip, bending problems, one hand, and emotional challenges, as well as resources for gardeners who have experienced a stroke and heart disease. Information applicable to production growers and home gardeners.

Using Body Mechanics (PDF) Green Heron Tools provides a guide on body mechanics and utilizing the correct muscles to complete a task safely and efficiently without undue strain of muscle or joint.

image of spanish language brochure about ergonomicsSimple Solutions: Ergonomics for Farm Workers — This publication from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides basic information on ergonomics for farm workers and includes tip sheets for making low-cost tools and modifications. Check out the special cart for harvesting greens and the ergonomically designed blueberry rakes!

Guide to Selecting Non-Powered Hand Tools — Illustrated guide that clearly explains why little changes in tools really do make a significant difference.