Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology Videos

Maine AgrAbility has produced a series of videos from Chapter Three Farm in Newburgh, Maine.  These videos share background on the farmers, their farm, some of the chores they’ve had to modify and information about the different types of assistive tools and   modified work routines they use to continue to work successfully and safely on their farm.

A 4 wheeled milk tank with a long hose called a Milk Kart

Toolbox Spotlight: The four-wheeled 33-Gallon Milk Kart eliminates the need for one to carry and lift buckets in order to refill multiple calf pen milk-bar feeders. The Kart includes a 12-volt DC pump, 8-foot-long dispensing hose with trigger-operated nozzle, gradient sight glass, milk-volume-measuring flow meter, cordless drill-powered mixing whisk, and battery plus charger.

Man driving a TUC, tracked utility cartToolbox Spotlight: The gas-powered, all-terrain Ring-Co TUC Tracked Utility Chair is a combination wheelchair, UTV, and compact utility tractor that’s designed for work and recreation. Its 23-hp, air-cooled engine and hydraulic drive-train reportedly generate speeds up to 7 mph and boasts a towing capacity of over 4,000 lbs. 


The Toolbox Assistive Technology DatabaseOther Assistive Technology Ideas Available from the NAP Toolbox: Agricultural Tools, Equipment, Machinery & Buildings for Farmers and Ranchers with Physical Disabilities is a resource that contains assistive technology solutions for farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural workers with disabilities.

Maine’s Assistive Technology (AT) Act Program

Administered by the Maine Department of Education and funded by the Rehabilitation Services Administration of the U. S. Department of Education, Maine CITE provides information about AT, device demonstrations, device loans, devise reuse, alternative financing, and public awareness.

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