Advisory Council

The Maine AgrAbility Advisory Council was developed with the purpose of advising and assisting Maine AgrAbility to do its work effectively and meaningfully across the state of Maine. Specific roles of the Advisory Council are to:

  • Advise Maine AgrAbility on its efforts. (For example, what kinds of educational programming should we develop, where should we be engaged in outreach and marketing, what kinds of resources are most important to have on hand, etc.)
  • Facilitate connections to and opportunities for Maine AgrAbility within each member’s professional and community circles.
  • Address programmatic concerns as needed
  • Assist with the development of a Maine AgrAbility peer support program (potentially through a sub-committee of the Advisory Council)

The responsibilities of Maine AgrAbility staff in regards to the Advisory Council are as follows:

  • Educate and inform members about Maine AgrAbility goals and plans
  • Facilitate Advisory Council meetings and communications
  • Integrate Advisory Council feedback and advice into Maine AgrAbility daily operations and long term goals.

Who are the Advisory Council members?

Advisory Council members are initially identified by Maine AgrAbility staff as having professional expertise and/or personal experience that will help us accomplish our goals. The Advisory Council is intended to be representative of all the people that Maine AgrAbility works with, including farmers, fishermen, and forest workers with chronic health conditions/disabilities, rehabilitation professionals, health care professionals, agricultural professionals, and business people connected to agriculture. As the Advisory Council develops, members will identify and recruit for any unrepresented groups.

We are lucky to have a diverse, skilled, and dedicated group of people committed to helping Maine AgrAbility succeed by serving on our Advisory Council.  The council meets quarterly to advise Maine AgrAbility on its efforts, facilitate connections, address programmatic concerns, and assist in the development of a peer support program.

2021 Advisory Council (and staff)

Zoom gallery view of AC membersTop row, left to right: Naomi King, Lani Carlson, Anne Devin, Robin Beck, Brie Weisman.

Second row, left to right: Kelley Spencer, Serena Butterfield, Jessie Wright, Misty Gaynor, Glenn Roberts.

Third Row, left to right: Mark and Anne Emmons, John D’Amour, Donald Burr, Gary Nadeau, Ketra Crosson.

Bottom row, left to right: Kristin Desrochers, Ellen Gibson, Dick Brzozowski, Caragh Fitzgerald.

Not pictured: Darla Phillips, Annette Cochran.

2018-2020 Advisory Council

Back row, left to right: Mark Emmons, Kelley Smith, Brie Weisman, Chris Bean, Serena Butterfield, Gary Nadeau, John D’Amour, Dave Richmond, Ketra Crosson, Caragh Fitzgerald.

Front row, left to right: Kathy Adams, Anne Emmons, Naomi King

Not pictured: Annette Marin, Dan Vigue

2017 Advisory Council

Back row, left to right: Dave Richmond (Maine Veteran Services), Kathy Adams (Maine CITE), Dan Cousins (PieTree Orchard), Gary Nadeau (John Deere Equipment), and Jeff Baizley (Creative Work Systems,.

Front row, left to right: John D’Amour (former VR counselor and farmer), Anne Emmons (farmer) and Mark Emmons (farmer).

Not pictured: Chris Bean (Vocational Rehabilitation) and Annette Marin (farmer)

AgrAbility staff and advisory council members pose for a photo2016 Advisory Council and Staff Members

Back row, left to right: Lani Carlson (AgrAbility Project Coordinator), Wanda Caron (Alpha One), Ketra Crosson (Alpha One), Mark Emmons (farmer), John D’Amour (farmer), Jeff Baizley (Creative Work Systems), Annette Marin (farmer), Dave Richmond (Maine Veteran Services), Gary Nadeau (John Deere Equipment), Kathy Adams (Maine CITE).

Front row, left to right: Jerry Ireland (guest from United Farmer Veterans of Maine), Anne Emmons (farmer) and Ellen Gibson (Goodwill).

Not pictured: Chris Bean (Vocational Rehabilitation), Naomi King (farm business manager), Peaches Bass (Department of Labor).

 2015 Advisory Council Members  ACmembers_Fotor

Top row, left to right:  John D’Amour (Farmer), David Richmond ( Maine Veteran Services, farmer),Kelley McTague (Goodwill Industries), Alexandra Tomaso (Pietree Orchard), Gary Nadeau (Theriault Equipment), Kathy Adams (Maine CITE),   Yvette Seaman (Pines Health), Annette Marin (farmer).

Bottom row, left to right: Peaches Bass (Maine Dept of Labor), Naomi King (Pietree Orchard), Anne Emmons (farmer), Mark Emmons (Farmer).

Not pictured: Christopher Bean (Vocational Rehabilitation).

Advisory Council 20142014 Advisory Council Members

Top row, left to right: John D’Amour (Farmer), Kathy Adams (Maine CITE), Mark Emmons (Farmer), David Richmond ( Maine Veteran Cemetaries, farmer), Yvette Seaman (Pines Health)

Bottom row, left to right: Anne Emmons (Farmer), Naomi King (Pietree Orchard), Alexandra Tomaso (Pietree Orchard).

Not pictured: Kelley McTague (Goodwill Industries), Gary Nadeau (Theriault Equipment), Christopher Bean (Voc Rehab), Annette Marin (farmer).

Advisory Council 20132013 Advisory Council Members

Top row, left to right: Kelley McTague (Goodwill Industries), Gary Nadeau (Theriault Equipment), John D’Amour (Farmer) and Mark Emmons (Farmer).

Bottom row: Naomi King (Pietree Orchard).

Not pictured: Chris Bean (Vocational Rehabilitation), John Drew (Farmer) , Anne Emmons (Farmer), Annette Marin (Farmer), Larry Peaslee (Pastor and Farmer) and John Randall (Physician and Farmer)

Seven members of the Maine AgrAbility Advisory Council, 2011-20122011-2012 Advisory Council Members

Top row, left to right: Gary Nadeau (Theriault Equipment), Mark Emmons (Farmer), Kelley McTague (Goodwill Industries), John Randall (Physician and Farmer).

Bottom row, left to right: Chris Bean (Vocational Rehabilitation), John D’Amour (Farmer), Annette Marin (Farmer)

Not pictured: Anne Emmons (Farmer), John Drew (Farmer), Larry Peaslee (Pastor and Farmer).