Maine AgrAbility Ambassadors (MAA) Orientation Training


The purpose of the MAA training is to equip and inform individuals to act as Maine AgrAbility Ambassadors. MAAs are informed and trained individuals who will understand the mission and goals of AgrAbility. Each Ambassador will learn about the breadth, depth, and scope of AgrAbility. They will learn what is expected of them as MAA as they speak about and refer individuals to Maine AgrAbility.

Method of Training:

This orientation is designed for two 1-hour zoom sessions. The sessions will be recorded and archived for later use as necessary.


MAA’s are agriculture service providers, health care providers, clients, and other individuals serve as MAAs to promote Maine AgrAbility and help to recruit potential clients.

Session One: Introduction to AgrAbility


  • Welcome, Introductions and Overview
  • AgrAbility
    • Mission
    • History of AgrAbility
    • National AgrAbility Program
    • Maine AgrAbility
  • Why Maine AgrAbility Ambassadors?
  • Disability awareness
    • What is an OT?
    • What is a disability?
    • Disabilities and the population
  • Questions
  • Assignment- before the next session
    • Become familiar with the Maine AgrAbility website and the related resources.
    • What resources did you find interesting or useful from the website? Please keep notes to share with us next session.


Recorded on Friday, October 29, 2021.

Session Two: Expectations of AgrAbility Ambassadors


  • MAAs: What, Who, How
    • Reporting outreach efforts
    • How do I make referrals as an MAA?
  • AgrAbility Resources (MAA resource packet)
  • What you can expect from the AgrAbility staff?
  • Staying connected as an MAA
  • Annual gathering
  • Questions
  • Assignment
    • Become familiar with the resource packet.
    • Think about why, how, and when you might refer individuals to Maine AgrAbility. Put together a personal outreach plan.
    • List suggested ways that Maine AgrAbility might reach specific audiences.
  • Certificate of completion


Recorded on Friday, November 5, 2021.