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Program Helps Maine Veterans Learn to Farm (YouTube): For the past six months, Boots-2-Bushels has been teaching Maine veterans and their families how to farm. The program had to pivot in March when the coronavirus pandemic initially hit, but now small groups of veterans are back out in the greenhouse, working on their skills. For more, visit Video by Natalie Williams.

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Maine AgrAbility has produced a series of videos from Chapter Three Farm in Newburgh, Maine. These videos share background on the farmers, their farm, some of the chores they’ve had to modify and information about the different types of assistive tools and modified work routines they use to continue to work successfully and safely on their farm.

Chapter Three Farm: Intro

Transcript (PDF)

Chapter Three Farm: Meet the Farmers

Transcript (PDF)

Chapter Three Farm: Feed Station

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Chapter Three Farm: Ladder to the Loft

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Chapter Three Farm: Convertible Hand Truck

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Chapter Three Farm: Wheelbarrow

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Chapter Three Farm: Manure Management

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Chapter Three Farm: Storage Box

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Chapter Three Farm: Four Wheeler

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Chapter Three Farm: Four Wheeler with Spreader

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Chapter Three Farm: Conclusion

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Chapter Three Farm: Horse Mounting Steps

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Chapter Three Farm: York Rake

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These live events have been recorded. Please contact us for more information or if you’d like to schedule a presentation for your group.

  • Arthritis and Agriculture: The importance of protecting your joints (recorded on June 2, 2020). Farmers lose quality-of-life because of chronic pain, aching, stiffness, and swelling in and around the joints. Making small changes in their working routines and using Assistive Technology (AT) can significantly reduce injury to the joints. Watch this discussion of arthritis, the prevalence of the disease in farmers, and possible modifications to reduce its effects.
  • Stress, Resilience, and Resources: Responding to the Impacts of Covid-19 on Farms. On May 20, 2020, Extension professor, Leslie Forstadt, PhD, presented information about stress, building resilience, and available resources to meet farmers’ needs during this everchanging time.
  • The Essentials of Accessibility: School and Community Gardens (recorded on June 16, 2020). This webinar covers planning for school and community gardens for all users including those of all ages and abilities; how to go beyond the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards; concepts on making the garden an enjoyable destination, creating opportunities for social connections, and a place that users will return to again and again; and assistive technology in the form of adaptive garden tools and products.