FishAbility brochure cover: FishAbility, Fishing for a Lifetime; part of Maine AgrAbility. FishAbility supports fishermen and women who experience barriers to employment such as aging, injury or chronic illness.
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FishAbility supports fishermen, lobstermen, oyster farmers, people working in aquaculture, and family members of fishing businesses who experience barriers to employment such as aging, injury, or chronic illness.

What is Maine FishAbility?

FishAbility’s mission as part of the Maine AgrAbility Program is to work with fishermen whose productivity has been impacted by chronic illness or injury. We offer resources, information, and practical solutions to help fishermen work safely and productively.

Practical Ideas and Suggestions for Fishermen

While working in the fishing industry, there are common tasks, that may be repetitive and strenuous, and may lead to aches and pain at the end of the day or season. On the Maine AgrAbility Blog page we will be sharing images of these work tasks and positions, and offering suggestions for strength and conditioning will be shared, specifically for fishermen to encourage better health to minimize injury and pain, and avoid reduced productivity. These exercises and stretches are intended to be done using gear that is readily available on the boat or dooryard and performed easily while in the wheelhouse or on the deck. The collection of stretches will be featured in a downloadable poster coming soon.

Blog posts:


Dynamic Stretching: Let’s Do the Twist





Dynamic Stretching: Let’s Do the Twist Twist to stretch




Bending and Mending: The Downward DogFISHview of lobsterman repairing a trap from inside the trap older man in plaid shirt stretching againg a string of lobser traps



Two fisherman seen from the back, bending over a boat railing

Bending at the Waist: The Warrior Pose



Man sitting on edge of lobser boat leaned forward stretching his back with his hands on his kneesFiherman leaning over the edge of a skiff to reach oyster cagesThis is awkward: The Cat Pose




Watch Your Moooves: The Cow PoseFisherman sitting on edge of boat stretchign his bas back, red arrow illsutrating the curve of his backfisherman with grey beard pauling oyster bag out of the water over the side of the boat