Unhook Your Crook

Dynamic Stretching

Relieve tension throughout your body with this easy stretch

Work Task:

Putting the boat on the hook

photo credit: Nicole Wolf

The work isn’t over when you get to the wharf. You may be done tugging and pulling on traps, nets, or cages, but you’ve still got to get the boat on the mooring. Depending on how your boat is set up, that can also require some acrobatics, maneuvering, and heaving that can put some wear and tear on your muscles.


Stretch Break!

Standing side bend

Standing side bend

Take two minutes after you put the boat on the hook to do a couple of side bends that can help release some of the tension from the day. Simply put one arm over your head and bend to the opposite side. Hold for at least 30 second and then do the other side.



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