This is Awkward: The Cat Pose

Fishermen and aquaculture harvesters spend a lot of time bending, pulling, tugging, and straining, and those movements should be balanced with opportunities for recovery. Taking even just a few minutes to focus on your breathing or stretch your back can help alleviate discomfort and even fend off injury.

Work Task:

Fiherman leaning over the edge of a skiff to reach oyster cages

That moment when you are trying to counterbalance your body against boat, gear, weather and tide!

Day in day out, working on the water requires a kind of agility and strength, but doesn’t always include time to counteract the repetitive movements that leave you tight.


Stretch Break:

Cat PoseMan sitting on edge of lobser boat leaned forward stretching his back with his hands on his knees

Working all day in extension like the photo above? The Cat Pose will counter upper back strain by stretching the shoulders and the spine in flexion.

Sit with feet wide, hands on your knees, Exhaling, tuck your chin into the chest and slowly round the upper back. Hold for 2-3 breaths.



Demonstration of Cat Pose

Breathing Technique


**There is no audio for this 4-7-8 Breathing video.