Try This to Unwind

Dynamic Stretching

man standing at the steering wheel of a boat turning his head to look behind him
Keep Your Head on a Swivel

Relieve pain in your neck, shoulders, and back with this easy post-fishing stretch.

Work Task:

Keep Your Head on a Swivel

On a fishing vessel, when you’re behind the wheel, your attention is constantly divided between what’s going on in front of you and what’s happening behind you. Constantly turning around while also staying engaged with what’s going on in front of you can put strain on your neck, shoulders, and back.

Stretch Break!

a man on a fishing boat twisting at the waist with his hand outstretched away from him
Standing Twist
Standing Twist

When you’re back on the mooring and doing the last few tasks before you hop in the skiff to head to the wharf, take a minute to work out some tension so you can be ready to fish the next day. Find a trap, overturned bait tray, or crate to step your right foot on. (Make sure your surface is stable!) Place your left hand on your right knee and raise your right arm to shoulder height while twisting gently towards your outstretched right hand. Repeat on the opposite side.

Video: Maine AgrAbility: Standing Twist (YouTube)

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