The Maine AgrAbility Blog: Gotta Lotta Livin’ To Do!

A blog series that deals with issues surrounding aging, farming, and quality of life.

By Ellen S. Gibson

Ellen Gibson holding a shovel in a classroomWho am I?

I am a farmer, educator, and consultant to the Maine AgrAbility Program. I raise goats and the forage they eat and tend to the fields and woods of Stearns Hill Farm in West Paris. My grandparents lived here when I was growing up. From my earliest memories, the Farm has held a special place in my heart.

The Maine AgrAbility Blog covers timely topics such as

  • farming, aging, and risk;
  • caring for others;
  • chronic low-grade inflammation;
  • kitchen ergonomics; and
  • much more!

Recent blog posts can be found in the list above. A complete list of posts can be found here.

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