Choosing the Right Tools

woman pulling child in cart


No matter what your age or ability, make sure your tools are right for the project and they fit your size and strength.

Padded handles on a bucket
Padded handles on buckets makes it easier to carry. DIY: Cut a short piece of pipe insulation, slip it over the handle, and affix with duct tape. The cushioned grip protects the cartilage in your fingers.

Tools will really make the work easier, especially if they’re designed with ergonomics in mind.  An ergonomic tool is one that assists with the work you need to do and at the same time reduces the impact on your body. This can reduce the strain on your body and decrease the chance of developing musculoskeletal injuries or arthritis.

Ergonomic tools are designed for different strengths and body sizes. They may be made of lighter-weight material. Often they have a thicker handle for a more comfortable grip. For hand tools, you can find the size of your grip by looking at the circle made by your thumb and your forefinger.